Tips to stay safe when visiting London

Whenever you are travelling to a new city or country it’s always a good idea to research and study about the place so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. You must study and stick to the pointers that help you stay safe in a new city. If you are travelling to London, this informative blog will help you stay in the city.

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Is it safe to travel to London?

Yes, London is as safe to travel as any other country or city in these unpredictable times. But having said that you should stay as vigilant as you can in any new city including London. You should be alert of your surroundings specially when you are in crowded places, in public transport and while exploring attractions as well as other activities. You should stay away from people acting aggressively and be aware of pick pocketers and always keep your belongings safe with you.

Do I need a visa to travel to London?

If you are travelling to London anywhere from outside of United Kingdom or the EU (European Union) you will require a visa to visit to this city. But if you are travelling from other parts of UK or the EU you don’t require a visa to visit London.

How safe is London for tourists?

London has been one of the most popular destination for tourists from around the world. Its charming spell attracts one and all making it totally safe for tourists from all around the world. Unfortunate incidents can take place anywhere in the world these days and that holds true for London as well. But yes, being one of the popular cities, the threat of something going wrong is may be more in busy and buzzing cities.

What you need to know before traveling to London?

London is a vibrant and huge city that offers you something new and something old to explore almost every day. While most of things you will learn and experience when you visit the city, here’s a list of things that can be helpful to know beforehand and help prevent any unpleasant experiences in London:

  1. The currency used in London is the Great British Pound. You can come prepared with the currency or get an exchange at the airport. Plus, there are several currency shops all over London.
  2. Unlike a tradition in a lot of countries, tipping is not a must in London restaurants.
  3. Public transport is great in London and you can explore the whole of central London without a car or a cab. All you need to do is buy an Oyster Card that will allow you travel in tubes, buses and trains. Please remember no cash is accepted on the buses and you can only punch an Oyster Card or your visa card to travel.
  4. If you are travelling with kids who are 11 years or younger, they can travel for free on buses, trains and tubes throughout in London. Plus, kids who are 11 to 15 years old get a subsidised or discounted rate.
  5. If you plan to drive in London or anywhere in United Kingdom, please know that in this country you drive to left side of the car. So, make sure you use the signs accordingly.
  6. Some local lingo words will help you understand things better like pound is also called quid, packed chips are called crisps and French fries are called chips, an ATM is called a cashpoint and learning more such lingos can help you survive better in London.
  7. This country uses a 3- pin chargers, so make sure you carry one or get an adapter that fits.
  8. In case of an unfortunate event or emergency you call 999 for hospitals and ambulance.
  9. The popular supermarkets for buying your everyday essentials include Sainsbury’s, Boots, Tesco, Aldi, Waitrose and Lidl.
  10. London is popular for its market culture which you can explore at Camden Market, Portobello Market, Spitalfields Market and more.
  11. If you are looking for malls you can go the Westfields malls in the city.
  12. Both Uber and Black cabs operate in London, however, Black cabs are faster as they can drive in bus lanes and stop anywhere you want to be dropped.
  13. London has several attractions all over the city, some of the popular ones are London Eye, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, St. Paul’s cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London to name a few.
  14. Staying central is ideal, so booking a hotel near Paddington is a great idea.

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Is London safe for women traveling alone?

Yes, London is safe for women travelling alone rather is safe for all genders. With the comfort of an efficient transport system and a lively atmosphere, tourist in general feel very safe here, including women. You will see London women, staying, working and living alone fearlessly in this city.

What are the least safe areas in London?

All areas and zones of London are safe and unsafe at the same time as any other metropolitan city. You should take care of not going into dark and lonely alleys and keep your belonging safe always. Being a tourist in any city requires you to be alert at all times and stay vigilant.

Where to stay when visiting London?

When you are visiting London, it is ideal to book a stay in central London. This will help you access and explore most of the London attractions quickly and conveniently. Whether you are travelling alone for work, with family for a holiday or with a loved one for a romantic getaway. For a luxurious experience for all you can book your stay at the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel. Providing great facilities and amenities in the heart of the city, this place will make your holiday and stay as memorable as it can be. Ideally located close to prime transport links and popular London attractions, you will book your stay every time you visit London.

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