Experiencing the borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Kensington Palace

Kensington and Chelsea is one of the most fabulous areas in London. Here, not only will you find an abundant profusion of designer shops, but you’ll also find wonderful palaces and parks. Museums such as the V&A, the National History Museum and the Science Museum are also found here. Other … Read the rest

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Enjoying French culture in London


According to some statistics, there are between 66,000 to 400,000 French people in London. Naturally, it's not surprising that there are whole of activities and experiences that relate to French culture. So, whether you’re a Francophile or not, it’s worth considering experiencing some French attractions in the city. London features … Read the rest

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A brief guide to London’s five bridges

Tower Bridge

The London Bridges, personify elegance the same way many of the notable attractions in Westminster do. Bridges add a touch of flair and boldness to the city, and London is no exception to this rule. Not only is the capital home to London Bridge, but it also features a few … Read the rest

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Westbourne Terrace- Discover Culture, Art And Much More


The Westbourne Terrace area in West London is one of the capitals finest districts. Located close to the desirable Notting Hill area, it is a place which captivates tourists and visitors with its charm and beauty. Westbourne terrace is a fantastic place to explore and it has a wealth of … Read the rest

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Making The Most of Your Trip To Liverpool


Liverpool is a hugely metropolitan world-famous city situated in the heart of one of the most developed countries in Europe. You might know Liverpool for having given us immensely famous English rock Ban, The Beatles. Or you might know Liverpool because of its football team, and the red and white … Read the rest

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Changing the Guard Ceremony- A Display Of British Pageantry


There aren’t many things that represent and celebrate British pageantry as well as the Changing the Guard ceremony. This is a spectacle that everyone needs to see once, as it’s a delightfully colourful and dignified performance by the immaculate guards outside Buckingham Palace. There is a precision drill, and stirring … Read the rest

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A Quick Guide For Things To Do For Mothers Day 2017


Many people become panicked when they realise they haven’t planned anything for their Mum on Mother’s Day and it can be stressful. With Mothers Day around the corner it’s important that we make it a priority to ensure our Mums have the best day of the year and relax .We … Read the rest

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Best Guide For London Airport Transfers


Travelling from London airports can be stressful and busy. The journeys often take longer than they should because of traffic, bad planning or delays which are out of your hands and they can leave many passengers disgruntled and annoyed. You’ve just spent 10 hours on a flight with little to … Read the rest

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Experience the best of London in just 5 days


London interests different people for different reasons. People like to visit London for its art, history, shopping, museums, and the liveliness, food, a real Queen, the parks, the festivities and much more. It’s amazing to see how this one city has the potential to attract so many visitors, make them … Read the rest

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London, The Ultimate Travel Destination

london holiday

London as a city is buzzing all year through. This metropolitan city is central and is an easily accessible location makes it a favourite amongst travellers all around the world. The capital city of UK is full of character and upbeat things to do that can be enjoyed by people … Read the rest

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