Do’s and don’ts to consider when visiting London

Planning a trip to any new city can be an overwhelming experience. A bit of pre-planning and educating yourself about the little yet important things about the city’s people and culture can save you from having any unpleasant experience.

If you are planning a trip to London for the first time for work, with your family or your special someone for a romantic getaway then you must read the blog below and get to know the essentials dos and don’ts of this city. It can be hard to find your way in London’s hustle-bustle and a city that is a mix of many cultures, vibes and characteristics. In this blog we have complied all the necessary dos and don’ts that you can keep in mind while travelling to London.

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Do’s in London

Making Queues: In London, in every corner you will see how beautifully and systematically Londoners love to queue whether it be in a bank, entry for any event or attraction or even while using public transport. Making queues is a must follow practice in London to avoid unpleasant encounters with others in the city. This will also save you from being highlighted as a tourist and you will appear well-blended with the norms and mannerisms of London.

Pre-prepare: London operates on its busy and well-designed transport links all day, every day. While you must be visiting the city the for a holiday or leisure time, please keep in mind the maximum population of the city uses the transport to travel for work. So, it is essential you keep your card ready at entry and exit to avoid obstructing the commuters. This will also help you in exiting and entering a place conveniently.

Also, keeping in mind the infamous London weather you should be prepared with a raincoat or umbrella every time you are out and about in the city.

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Take Precaution: While travelling in the city transport you will observe majority of people carrying slings or backpacks in which your valuables remain secure. Busy tubes, trains, attractions and other events and the fact that you are a tourist makes you a soft target for pickpockets. So, it’s important you keep your valuables carefully snug and close to you and avoid any loss. Being alert in a new city and keeping your valuable safe is essential in any city.

London Etiquettes: Londoners even today practice and are known for their polite way of talking that is full of etiquettes. To blend in well with the city and its dwellers you can use some polite gestures like saying sorry if you come in someone’s way, please if want someone to do something for you and polite thank you is a must even if something has done a small or big favour for you.

Another sign of politeness is to talk softly and not be very loud in public in this city. Londoners love to keep in down, especially when they are talking in public transport or restaurants and other places where talking loudly might disturb the others.

While the above are things you should do while in London, there are some things you shouldn’t do in this city.

Don’ts in London

Don’t talk to strangers or try to make small conversations: Londoners are very private people, especially when they are travelling in public transport and they don’t know you. It is considered impolite to make small conversations with a fellow commuter. So, it’s best not to make a conversation with them.

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Don’t confuse London Bridge with Tower Bridge: Getting confused between the two is easy as the image of Tower Bridge is more popularly used to show London than the image of the London Bridge. If you get this right, it will be declared you have seen properly seen the city.

Don’t overuse the tube: Tube is definitely the highlight of exploring London and is super-fast and efficient, but you must not overuse it. The best way to check yourself from using the tube too much is by referring to the London map. From the map you can make out if you need to jump on the tube or you can easily walk the distance, that may prove to be quicker and cheaper, specially when it involves changing tubes. Plus, walking gives you the opportunity to see more of London than being underground. London is popular for its walking culture, therefore ditching the tube for short distances makes you enjoy that too.

Where to stay?

When you are exploring the ever-so vibrant and buzzing city of London, you need to make sure you book yourself an accommodation that is in central London. This is vital because most the attractions, the events, the gigs and the happening things take place in central London. Whether you are travelling for work, with family or with a loved one on a romantic getaway you can book yourself a luxurious and comfortable stay at the London Premier Paddington Hotel. This hotel is located in the heart of the city and is close to prime transport links as well several popular London attractions. Here you can enjoy some great facilities and amenities along unmatched services that will make your stay as memorable as it can be.

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What not to say or do when visiting London

Like every country, there are somethings that are a big no-no in England. The list of things to avoid in England include, not standing on the left side of the elevator, keep that space free for those who want to walk it up, if you wish to stand then stand on the right of the elevator. Avoid museums during school holidays if you can, this will save you time and standing in the queues for hours. A rather irritating touristy question is to ask someone if they know the Queen, avoid doing that. Don’t book attractions at the gate to avoid paying the full price, search online for better prices and avoiding a sold-out board. When boarding the tube let the passengers alight first without blocking their way and only board once they have left. Don’t drive in the city on weekday with paying the congestion charge.

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